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Terms of Use
All user and client of VO!CEgen agrees to not use the voices from VO!CEgen, or contents created with the voices from VO!CEgen, for any use that can be deemed unethical, immoral, illegal, unlawful, or in any shape or form that might be deemed against the societal, cultural, and legal norms of the country you reside in and the contents will be available in.

VO!CEgen will not be held liable for the actions of the users or the clients in such fashion and manner.

Privacy Policy
version: 1.02 (1/12/21)

Your privacy is important to us. However, we need some personal information to be able to make this website work, send you receipts and keep you up to date with everything that’s going on at VO!CEgen.

Below you will find information on what we do with your information.

Sharing of Information
We do not, and will not, share your information with third parties. Never.

What kind of information do we collect?
To be able to buy our product we only require your name and email address. This information is needed to send you a receipt of your purchase.

If you want a receipt specifying the name of your company we will require extra information. This includes: company name and company (billing) address. You can also add additional information like a PO number or other reference number.

The information above is only used to keep track of your purchases and send you receipts. This information will be used by us to report accurate information to our local tax authorities.

Cookies on our website We use cookies to enhance the user experience of our site. Cookie functionality may include determining what kind of browser you’re using, IP address geo location, storing and remembering your password (when allowed) and personalizing our services.

Financial information
We do not store any financial information i.e. credit card numbers etc. All of your purchases will be handled by a third party financial service ( We have no access to the information you’ve entered on their secure platform. The only information the third party financial service is providing to us is whether your payment has been successful or not.

If you have any questions regarding the information that we have about your account contact us at or write to:

Van Beekstraat 9
1121ND Landsmeer
The Netherlands

Please make sure to include your name and email address, under which you are registered with our services, in your correspondence.